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All softwares need to stay up to date, including wordpress. Having someone keep an eye on your website allows you to stay ahead of your competition, protect your site from hackers and always have the latest features and updates.

We Provide Care Plans to Help Brands reach their Long-Term Success

We provide high-quality, hands-on assistance with an experienced support desk to take care of all website needs. We will update your website, monitor its uptime and security, tweak its performance, resolve issues, and respond to requests from you and your team to edit, improve or fix unforeseen issues.

Peace of Mind

We will take care of your WordPress site, you do what you do best, whether that’s running your business, generating new leads or pursuing the things you love. Our job is to keep the site running, updated, secured and backed up.


Forget running complicated security plugins, they just slow your site down! If you are hosted with us, you will enjoy server-side security which is one of the most powerful server security systems available, keeping your site safe, 24/7.


We have spent the last decade specialising in building and maintaining WordPress websites, so be assured that anything you need doing on your site, our team is up to the task, allowing you to sit back and let us do all the heavy lifting.

We love helping our customers succeed

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Rs. 3,500/month

Perfect for brand and low traffic websites that don't want to handle the hassle of keeping the backend up to date.


Rs. 5,000/month

Perfect for eCommerce & Medium Brands that don't want to burn a hole in their pocket for premium services.


Rs. 12,500/month

For the serious website owners that require more attention and constant updates with a more in depth approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will provide a written agreement in PDF format signed digitally which details whats expected of us and whats expected of you with inclusions and exclusions such as extent of responsibility with respect to security and the terms & conditions.

No! Depending upon the plan you choose we may ask you to pay quarterly instead as that helps us keep our pricing competitive while removing the need for setup costs. 

Regular Maintenance would include things such as: updating plugins, updating WordPress core, fixing any hack issues, doing backups, etc. This type of maintenance is performed without any intervention from you. On average per month, we will spend an unmonitored amount of time. Some of our plans have time blocks. These blocks can be utilised for changes on your website such as content or images.

We are always available to be of service to you. In the event the assistance you require is in addition to what is included in your package, please feel free to reach out to us. Our rates start at £20 an hour.

Of course! You can change your plans at any time as long as the time block included in your plan have not been utilised. Otherwise you can do so from the following month. Let us know before 1st and we will handle the rest.

Once the trial period ends, you can cancel anytime after the fourth month as we have a minimum 3 month contract. Our billings run on the first of each month so you MUST cancel BEFORE the 1st of the fourth month otherwise you will be charged.

Based on the plan you selected we will email you a PDF with all the status reports and statistics.

This report will have details such as WordPress core updates, Plugin updates, Google Analytics (If Applicable), Backups completed, etc.

Custom Reports for Time Blocks can be included on request.

Yes! We offer free repair on all our plans. Thats what makes us different. But, we only guarantee hack removal or repairs from old backups after the second month. 

Unless your host allows it, we will perform backups as scheduled in your plan and store them securely on Amazon S3. If you are in Europe your data will be stored using all GDPR compliant policies.

Not at all. We have clients that are hosted with ionos, siteground, Godaddy, Namecheap and custom VPS such as Digital Ocean, AWS and Linode.

Sometimes cheaper hosts may place restrictions on how backups are made and may our softwares from communicating with the site. If we encounter any such restrictions we will inform you.

Note: We do provide a very a high level hosting service so if you have doubts about your host and would like to host with us, then we can host your site. 

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